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About Us

The OYM Logistics Alliance Platform ( founded on 2012, our mission isto serve the global market, in particular, the mainland China.

1. Logistics Service Provider
1.1 Join as an Alliance and enjoy the free-promotion-service benefits;
1.2 Introduce to global customers and business matchmaking;
2. 3PL Enterprise
2.1 Join as member to cooperate, share logistics information with our alliance
2.2 Promote and/or expand your new business with our alliances;
3. WH Equipment Supplier
3.1 Join as member to approach a large number of targeted customers (Alliances) 3.2 Read to promote your products and equipment throughout our platform;
4. Cargo Owner
4.1 Join as a member and we will assist you to find suitable alliance(s);
4.2 To upgrade your supply chain requirements and reduce your logistics cost;
The Alliance hosts a web-based information platform, namely, the “Platform as a Service” (PaaS), which allows users to access real time logistics data and service information anywhere and anytime.