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The Guangzhou Network Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2012 to provide customers with one-stop warehousing / logistics / supply chain solutions, is now operational potential growth in the logistics and e-commerce industry in two projects:
1, Omar logistics and warehousing Alliance Information Platform, sharing resources, smooth flow of goods, effectively increasing the margins of service providers for customers to more effectively solve the logistics costs and improve efficiency;
2, the cross-border electricity supplier, the process of online shopping overseas parcel forwarding services, domestic postal parcel service exports worldwide.
We are willing to provide professional development platform and a good employment environment promising, so the ability to have a career and dreams of people get to play, if you want to challenge yourself, want to know the latest development direction of the market, learn the latest business model, Join us Jobs as follows:
1 # cross-border electricity supplier Marketing Manager
Job Responsibilities:
1, cross-border electricity supplier, sea Amoy have some understanding of the knowledge of and interest in online shopping;
2, responsible for the official website, microblogging, micro-channel marketing and promotion, using a variety of Internet resources to improve the company's Web site traffic and purchasing service rate and dissemination of results, increase traffic and visibility of the site.
3, familiar with the SEM delivery, planning and effective guidance bid delivery, improve ROI
4, to develop and maintain the network marketing resources, is responsible for a variety of related resources and partners, site liaison, to discuss cooperation
5, through a variety of Internet marketing tools to promote the brand, including the CPS performance marketing, microblogging, micro-channel, community forums SNS promotion.
2 # cross-border electricity suppliers Support Specialist / Assistant (non-technical)
Job Responsibilities:
1. to provide a link in international logistics consulting
2. To provide pre-sales consulting, and process sales work, follow up and deal with customer complaints
3. Learn and improve customer service processes and Manual
The follow-up order processing, coordinating treatment disputes
5. to deal with emergencies and leadership assigned other customer service
Job requirements:
1. college education, have some experience in customer service, better accounting experience
2. sincere man, active and enthusiastic, passionate, good at empathy
3. Working carefully, have good communication skills, ability to learn, proactive, responsible, strong compression capability
4. Can proficient in common office software (Word / Excel), good writing ability and verbal ability organization
5. Internet shopping has some interest and awareness
# 3 Job Title: Telemarketing
Job Responsibilities:
1, by phone product sales, achieve sales target;
2, communication and understanding customer needs by telephone to seek sales opportunities and sales performance;
3, develop new customers, expand business with old customers, build and maintain customer profiles;
4, coordinating the company's internal resources, improve customer satisfaction;
5, the collection and processing of information flow;
Job requirements:
1, college education;
2, with excellent telephone communication skills, presentation skills and sales techniques, standard Mandarin fluently;
3, cheerful, flexible thinking, good communication, logistics industry experience, experience in handling the relationship between members of priority
4, like telephone sales, there is a certain compression capability;
# 4 Job Title: Marketing Communications Manager
Job Responsibilities:
1, the company's marketing plan to assist the implementation and monitoring;
2, the company's planning and follow-up exhibitions and other events;
3, responsible for the company's brand and projects of social media communication;
Job requirements:
1, college education,;
2, there are magazines or social media promotion work experience on the market have a keen sense of touch, with a certain brand planning experience;
3, excellent written and spoken English is best;
4, adaptability, ability to learn, motivated;
5 # Logistics Project Consultant (over)
Job Responsibilities:
1, introduced to the market through various channels to promote "Omar warehousing Alliance" project;
2, contact abroad warehousing, transportation companies, invited to provide relevant information to join the alliance platform;
3, ongoing maintenance, warehousing, transportation alliances, a deep understanding of Alliance Resources;
4, collection and analysis of market data;
5. Complete other tasks assigned by superiors arrangements.
Job requirements:
1, college, two years of experience in non-civilian logistics companies, logistics preferred;
2, good communication skills, excellent Mandarin. Have excellent spoken English is preferred. ;
3, familiar with social networking tools, familiar with everyday office software;
4, learning ability, self-motivated, have a good team spirit;
5, have a certain market analysis and judgment ability, can work under pressure;
1, 3000+ high commission task salary
2, enjoy the weekend, annual leave, statutory leave and comfortable office environment
3, multi-faceted promotion of space
6 # Project Assistant
Job Responsibilities:
1 assist departments for different types of documents, writing tables, sorting, archiving and management;
2, to contact various departments business transactions with the company, reporting, communication, coordination and cooperation;
3, to assist the departments for visiting customers reception;
4, arrange meetings, preparation of minutes of the meeting, and timely payment of meeting minutes and resolutions of the meeting of the relevant departments; docking client, timely feedback of information to pass to the other project director.
Job requirements:
1. Education: logistics, business management and other related professional college degree or above.
2. Experience: more than 1 year relevant work experience.
3. Skills: Proficiency in office software and automation equipment, including computers, printers, fax machines, copiers, basic Photoshop web design;
4, good oral ability, comprehension and communication skills, and the overall system work execution, coordination, there is a strong sense of team, can undertake work under pressure;
5, serious and responsible, able to perform assigned work well; high efficiency, clarity, good sense of confidentiality.
7 # Advertising Sales
Job Responsibilities:
1, maintaining the old customer's business, development of potential customers.
2, daily on the document management and customer sales service.
3, by telephone to build relationships with potential customers to understand their needs.
4, to carry out market research, distributors and brand management of data collection and other resources to carry out the investment in advertising, publicity, planning.
Job requirements:
1, and his sincere affinity, actively, and team spirit.
2, outgoing, have excellent communication skills;
3, tertiary and higher education.
4, standard Mandarin, a quick mind, confident and optimistic articulate, strong communication skills, honesty, hard work initiative.
5, have a certain market analysis and judgment, good sense of customer service.
6, preferably with the Internet, magazines or one advertising media sales experience.
Benefits: interview (basic salary + high commission)
8 # Web Designer
Job Responsibilities:
1, responsible for the company "Omar logistics alliance Directory" online electronic magazine content layout and design;
2, assisted by members of the union within the directory information displayed for editing and proofreading;
3, with the graphic designer and PHP programmer to complete the implementation of the front page, the page code optimization
4. Complete other tasks assigned by superiors arrangements.
Job requirements:
1, college education, computer classes or graphic design major, graduates are also available.
2, skilled HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax and other Web front-end development technologies;
3, skilled JQuery framework, have experience in project development based JavaScript framework;
4, skilled use of Photoshop / Dreamweaver / Flash and other software;
5, a deep understanding of Web standards, usability, accessibility, and so have some experience;
6, familiar with the page structure and layout of the interface design has a profound grasp and understanding;
1. Remuneration: 3000-5000 yuan
2, the company implemented a five-day eight-hour day, the other statutory holidays according to national regulations, and comfortable office environment. Buy social security insurance policy according to national regulations
3, multi-faceted promotion of space
9 # seo optimization
Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the company's Web site SEO optimization, promotion, propose and develop relevant optimization to improve the whole point of the content included in the amount and included a weight;
2. Monitoring website keywords, traffic, competitors and other data and analysis, to effectively enhance the site weights and search engine rankings;
3. Data analysis, writing SEO results and optimize outcomes.
4. continue to develop external links websites, to ensure the site's ranking;
5. responsible for the implementation and tracking of various traffic website promotion programs, monitoring baidu situation.
Job requirements:
1. Computer-related professional, college degree or above, familiar with search engine optimization theory and policy;
2. Familiar with the major search engines search ranking technology, especially baidu ranking technology, successful website optimization experience;
3. capable of skilled search engine optimization, and to maximize the search engine shield risk aversion, can better improve and enhance the site on the Internet the assessment indicators;
4. With a team player, able to cope with the company's other network personnel to do the job.
10 # PHP Engineer
Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for internal R & D Group's new products;
2. The functions within the group responsible for the existing system improvement and optimization.
3. To participate in the company training and collective activities.
Job requirements:
Above 1.2 years Web development experience, familiar with PHP object-oriented design methods, to understand MVC;
2. Have a good coding skills and good programming practice code;
3. Familiar Linux, can be developed directly in the preferred Linux;
4. Familiar with Javascript, master XHTML, CSS, DIV and other page technology, skilled AJAX application development;
5. Familiar php operational mechanism, to grasp the basic optimization techniques;
6. Familiar WEB cache-related technology, familiar with large-scale Web site architecture and performance optimization is preferred;
7. familiar with Mysql or Oracle database application development, understand Mysql database configuration management, and performance optimization.